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Rural & Environmental

  • Club® Utility Lock

    Club® Utility Lock

    Adjustable multi-functional steel utility lock for securing both indoor and outdoor items, including patio doors.Also suitable for securing bikes, ATV's, ladders, gates, trailers etc. • Can withstand up to 680kg of pressure • Bright...

  • Dakota BBA-4000 Kit

    The BBA-4000 is a solar-powered wireless black light infra-red break beam sensor. The solar-powered sensors are ideal for placing outdoors, for example in a drive-way. Once the beam detects breakage an alert will be sent to the receiver up to 1600m away...

  • Dakota DCMA-4000 Wireless Motion Alert Kit

    The DCMA-4000 is a wireless kit that helps monitor home and business surroundings. The weatherproof PIR sensor possesses a detection range of 30m, wirelessly transmitting a customisable alert back to the receiver up to 1600m away.

  • Dakota DCPA-4000 Wireless Probe Alert

    The DCPA-4000 uses an intelligent buried probe that detects moving vehicles on an access road or driveway as it is approaching a property. It detects within an approximate 3m radius (depending on ground conditions). When a vehicle passes the transmitter...

  • Dakota UTDCR-4000 Kit

    The UTDCR-4000 is a multi-function detection system, with several different methods of activation. The receiver is activated by either the magnetic door/window contact or the push-button that can be doubled as a panic button or a wireless doorbell. The...

  • Defender DX-500 Wireless Perimeter Kit

    Defender DX-500 Wireless Perimeter Kit

      The DX-500 is a long range detection kit designed to protect the perimeter of properties, ranging from residential areas to large commercial or industrial environments. The battery-powered, wireless nature of the kit means it is also suitable for...

  • Gum Wrappers

    Chewing gum is one of the worst forms of littering and is estimated to cost the UK Government £20K per city centre to clean up. Gum Wrappers offer a cost effective way to raise awareness of the problem carrying the message 'Wrap It, Bin It!'.

  • Stub Store

    The Stub Store encourages smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts and ash in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Small and compact, it can be carried in a bag or pocket. 

  • Poop Bags

    Poop Bags

    This attractive dog bone shaped poop bag dispenser is ideal for use in environmental awareness campaigns and pet policies. The handy clip attaches the dispenser to a dog's collar or the owner's clothing so it is always at hand.