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  • Self Absorbent Flood Bags

    Self Absorbent Flood Bags

    A hessian bag containing water-absorbent non-hazardous gel. These flood bags provide the same end result as regular sandbags, but with the added benefit of being flat and lightweight for easy storage, transportation and distribution. Designed to be...

  • Gum Wrappers

    Gum Wrappers

    Chewing gum is one of the worst forms of littering and is estimated to cost the UK Government £20K per city centre to clean up. Gum Wrappers offer a cost effective way to raise awareness of the problem carrying the message 'Wrap It, Bin It!'.

  • Stub Store

    Stub Store

    The Stub Store encourages smokers to dispose of their cigarette butts and ash in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Small and compact, it can be carried in a bag or pocket. 

  • Poop Bags Poop Bags

    Poop Bags

    This attractive dog bone shaped poop bag dispenser is ideal for use in environmental awareness campaigns and pet policies. The handy clip attaches the dispenser to a dog's collar or the owner's clothing so it is always at hand. 

  • Temporary Line Marker

    Temporary Line Marker

    This high quality multi-purpose spray paint is an extremely versatile fast drying paint which can be used on different surfaces including grass, gravel and concrete. The temporary paint will wash away after a few weeks or can be removed with water and a...