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Safer Streets

  • Defender Max Ultra Solar Security Light

    Defender Max Ultra Solar Security Light

    The Defender Max Ultra is a solar powered security light with an extremely bright 1200 lumens. Designed for high risk properties, can detect motion from 6 to 12m away. Can operate from the motion sensor or on constantly. 

  • Defender PIR Alarm with Key Fob

    Defender PIR Alarm with Key Fob

    The Defender PIR Alarm with Key Fob is a simple, user-friendly indoor alarm unit, perfect for installing in important rooms or access locations. Armed and operated using either the key fob or buttons on the side of the alarm, the device produces a...

  • Defender Plug In Simulated TV

    Defender Plug In Simulated TV

    A great way to deter burglars as it gives the illusion that the TV is being watched as it mimics the light projected from a regular television, using colourful LEDs. The Defender Simulated TV is indistinguishable from a real television as the varying...

  • Defender Vibration & Access Alarm

    Defender Vibration & Access Alarm

    A battery-operated alarm that is triggered by shock sensor or magnetic contact. Designed for door and window security. Suitable for internal or external use.  • 140dBs siren • IP67 waterproof• Keypad activated with user...

  • Door Viewers

    Door Viewers

    Allows visual identification of callers, without the need to open the door. Different lengths available to suit most doors. UAP® - 14mm diameter 180° view UAP® Description  Box Quantity HA00809 Brass - to fit doors...

  • Essentials Driveway Alarm

    Essentials Driveway Alarm

    A wireless, PIR motion detecting alarm that can be utilised to alert homeowners of movement, sending alarm signals to the main unit. The weatherproof PIR and main unit can be placed up to 120m apart. Offering practical security solutions at great value...

  • HD Video Doorbell Intercom

    HD Video Doorbell Intercom

    An easy use doorbell intercom that allows residents to communicate with visitors to their property via a smartphone. • 120 degrees viewing angle • Night vision• Built-in rechargeable battery • Hidden SD card - 4GB...

  • Solon Slide Jammer - 2 Pack

    Solon Slide Jammer - 2 Pack

    The Solon Slide Jammer is a self adhesive ratchet with a removable jammer, designed to keep windows and doors in place. Withstands up to 150kg of pressure.

  • Defender GuardLight GL600 Wireless

    Defender GuardLight GL600 Wireless

    The stylish quadruple LED display provides a powerful 600 lumen output, the deter unwanted visitors. The unit has a motion detection range of up to 5m, supported by a light sensor for dusk till dawn operation (non-activation during the daytime). The...

  • Patlock™ - Patio Door Lock

    Patlock™ - Patio Door Lock

    The Patlock™ is an easy-use, no hassle solution for providing added security to your double doors. The device attaches to your internal door handles quickly and easily, ratcheting them together to prevent access from the outside...

  • Defender Max II Solar Security Light

    Defender Max II Solar Security Light

    The Defender Max II is a robust, solar PIR floodlight that’s made from casting aluminium, plastic and glass construction. The Defender Max II is extremely bright, with 80 super bright LEDs which provide 850 lumens of light. The unit is...

  • Solon Door Chain for PVCu Doors

    Solon Door Chain for PVCu Doors

    Unlike traditional door chains, this unit means that it can be fitted without the need for any drilling into the door frame. • Easy to use and install• No drilling into PVCu door- not affecting the manufacturer's warranty• Secured by...

  • Defender 24 Hour Segment Timer

    Defender 24 Hour Segment Timer

    A 24 Hour Segment Timer can be used to switch lights and electrical appliances up to 3200W on/off automatically. Typically used as a security device, it also eliminates the need to manually switch lights on and off, reducing the risk of tripping on...

  • Defender Window Alert Alarm

    Defender Window Alert Alarm

    A device which sounds an alarm when an attempted break-in on a window or glass panel is detected. Low cost alarm with an impressive 110dBs siren, enough to deter and alert users of potential intruders. • 2 x AAA batteries (supplied)• 110dBs...