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Special Offers

  • Decoy Dome Camera

    The Decoy Dome Camera is an effective decoy camera with 12 LEDs that glow at night. The camera is only suitable for indoor use only. • Indoor use only• Wall, ceiling or flat surface fixing options • 12 'Infrared' LED's glow at night •...

  • No Tools Are Left In This Vehicle Overnight

    We stock a variety on stickers that are designed to deter opportunist thieves from vandalising and stealing vehicles. They also encourage owners to remove valuables from vehicles.  This is a window cling - 125 x 100mm

  • Purse/Bag Alarms

    Purse/Bag Alarms

    Our Purse/Bag alarms are an excellent product that provides protections against bag snatching and pickpocketing. Our bag alarms are designed to alert the user if their purse or bag is taken and will set off a loud 110dBs siren causing the thief to drop...

  • Steel Cables

    Steel cables are ideal for use with a D lock to provide maximum security for a bike. The Steel Cable can be looped through the tyre and frame and then secured with a D lock. Steel cables can also be used to secure bins, tools, gates and garden furniture...

  • Decoy Camera

    The Decoy Camera has a single flashing red LED to give the impression that the camera is recordings. • Indoor or outdoor use • Flashing red LED • Battery operated (2 x AA not included)

  • Master Lock Select Access Key Safe

    Master Lock Select Access Key Safe

    Product Details One of the most popular key safes in the UK, this unit maximises security with a 4 digit resettable combination dial. Easy to install and operate, the key safe has a sleek, compact design and is still able to hold...

  • Shed Security Eye Bolt Kit

    The Shed Security Eye Bolt Kit provides a great way of securing your shed. Simply screw a pair of eye bolts into the shed door and the shed wall and loop a padlock through the eyes. • Two kits available, with or without padlock• Cost effective...

  • Defender Lumos Mini Pro-Trace UV Torch

    Defender Lumos Mini Pro-Trace UV Torch

    This high performance handheld torch combines outstanding performance with a compact lightweight design. The torch possesses an illuminating 365nm UV beam that easily detects forensic markings such as SmartWater®, SelectaDNA® and UV ink. The...

  • Windscreen Cloth

    A small cloth designed to wipe away the ring left on the windscreen after using sat-navs or phone holders .

  • Decoy Outdoor Camera

    The Decoy Outdoor Camera has 30 LED's that glow at night to give the impression the camera is recording in night vision mode. • Indoor or outdoor use • 30 'Infrared' LED's glow at night • Battery operated (2 x AA included)

  • Home/Burglary Stickers & Signs

    Home/Burglary Stickers & Signs

    We have a selection of stickers and signs which not only act to deter thieves and criminals, but also help to educate the community and raise awareness of such issues as theft, distraction burglary and fraud.  

  • Dummy Dome Outdoor Camera

    The Dummy Dome Outdoor Camera has a steady flashing red LED that flashing at a 2 second interval to give the impression that it is recording. • Indoor or outdoor use • Flashing LED • Battery operated (2 x AA included)