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  • Anti-Tamper Stickers Anti-Tamper Stickers

    Anti-Tamper Stickers

     This weatherproof theft-deterrent sticker is nearly impossible to remove. The aggressive adhesive results in the sticker disintegrating like an eggshell if attempts are made to tamper with it. This product ensures security and durability, and...

  • Home/Burglary Stickers & Signs Home/Burglary Stickers & Signs

    Home/Burglary Stickers & Signs

    We have a selection of stickers and signs which not only act to deter thieves and criminals, but also help to educate the community and raise awareness of such issues as theft, distraction burglary and fraud.  

  • Think Scam! Sticker Think Scam! Sticker

    Think Scam! Sticker

    This year we have launched our 'Think Scams' vinyl sticker to help combat fraud. Fraudsters can target phones, tablets and computers so by placing these stickers on or around technology will hopefully reinforce the message that users should always be...

  • Warning Signs/Stickers Warning Signs/Stickers

    Warning Signs/Stickers

    These stickers and signs act as a visual warning to opportunist thieves that the home owner has taken precautions to secure their property. It also reminds owners to keep their valuables safe and secure and raises awareness of different types of theft...

  • Eyes Signs/Stickers Eyes Signs/Stickers

    Eyes Signs/Stickers

    The 'Thieves Beware' Eyes Signs have been proven to be an effective way of deterring thieves. The eyes are printed on a reflective strip which makes them much more effective. The Eyes Signs/Stickers are effective as the eyes are always clearly looking at...

  • Property Marking Stickers/Signs

    Property Marking Stickers/Signs

    We have a range of stickers and signs which are designed to provide a warning to thieves that property is marked. They can also act as a reminder to home owners to keep their valuables marked. The Clear Laminate Labels are used to cover any UV markings...