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Touch & Know® Drug Testing

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The Touch&Know® range comprises high quality, easy use drug testing kits, specifically designed for untrained use.

The patented Smart-Tip™ probe allows the quick and safe sampling of a suspected area. The sample is then held in a fully sealed reaction chamber for ease of portability. Results appear in 2-3 seconds and are colour coded for simple interpretation.
Available for ‘general’ drug detection, or for individual drug types for more targeted campaigns (individual drug kits include: general screening, marijuana, cocaine/crack, GHB, ketamine, PCP, Heroin).

• High quality drug testing kits
• Simple operation, no training required
• Fully sealed reaction chamber
• Colour coded results in 2-3 seconds


Available as:

  • Individual drug testing kits
  • Boxes of 10 test kits 
  • Suitcase of 20 test kits

Kits can be mixed, please call for more information.