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Warning Signs/Stickers

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These stickers and signs act as a visual warning to opportunist thieves that the home owner has taken precautions to secure their property. It also reminds owners to keep their valuables safe and secure and raises awareness of different types of theft. We have a range of stickers and signs which show a potential thief that a property is alarmed. Non-adhesive signs or permanent stickers available. These can be used for garages, sheds, oil tanks or  to show that the whole property is protected. 


Code Description Box Quantity
OT00181 Garage Sign (210 x 150mm) 100
OT00176 Shed Sign (210 x 150mm) 100
OT00411 Garage Sticker (100 x 70mm) 100
OT00178 Shed Sticker (100 x 70mm) 100
OT00563 Oil Tank Sticker (100 x 70mm) 100
OT00870 Property Sticker (100 x 70mm) 100